Donal Reddington on mass customization, crowdsourcing and digital manufacturing

Mass customization links for 3 November 2008

In an article proposing how banks can retain customers in the current financial climate, one of the tactics that CRM Buyer website advises banks to offer mass customization:

“Banks have a real opportunity to leverage data and technology and to personalize every customer’s experience. In contact centers, for example, new analytics-based technology can draw on data from a variety of existing systems to dynamically assess a customer’s history and context, and automatically provide real-time, targeted interactions and offers for each individual caller-essentially enabling the organization to serve a market of one. This approach builds service policies into the system, helping to ensure that the right experience is delivered to each customer consistently and cost-effectively.”

A website called, based in Louisiana USA, carries an article on the growth of 3-D body scanning for customized clothing. The article focus is mainly on an interview with Grace Namwamba, Associate Professor of apparel merchandising and textiles at Southern University in Louisiana.

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