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‘High Definition’ Spectacles

Ophthonix, a San Diego-based, venture-funded ophthalmic company producing “high definition” vision technology, has received a 10th patent supporting its ability to fully customize its iZon Wavefront-Guided Lens. The company says that this means that a patient’s vision can reach the peak of its physiological capability.

This recent patent covers the precise deposition of adjoining optical polymers to form a programmable film on a surface – an exacting process analogous to the building blocks of pixels in a television screen image. The process allows for the proprietary point-for-point digital programming of the iZon Lens to include a patient’s optical fingerprint, or Eyeprint, which when left uncorrected, prevents optimum vision clarity and crispness. Only the iZon Lens corrects this optical fingerprint.

“The programming of the customized iZon Wavefront-Guided Lens is comparable to burning a compact disc, or CD,” said Andreas Dreher, Ph.D., president and CEO of Ophthonix. “Ophthonix’s ability to correct the aberrations of the optical fingerprint is the difference between providing a patient with regular vision from conventional eyeglasses versus the fully optimized high definition vision of iZon Lenses.”

Ophthonix says that it is the only company offering ‘wavefront-guided’ spectacle lenses, based upon a patient’s individual refractive needs related to higher order aberrations.

According to Opthonix, the iZon Lens has demonstrated clinical superiority over conventional eyeglasses in reported studies on visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and patient preference. Additionally, the iZon Lens was recently evaluated in an FDA-validated night driving simulator, where it was shown to provide a significant cushion of safety for consumers – a 25 feet improvement in reaction at 55 mph, or 20 percent reduction in the National Highway Transportation Agency measure of perception-reaction when driving at night.

The Ophthonix vision correction platform involves three proprietary technologies. The first is the Z-View(TM) Aberrometer, a device that uses a wavefront technology to map a patient’s refractive errors. The second technology translates the measurement from the Z-View into a prescription that matches the unique “optical fingerprint” of a patient. The third technology is a combination of manufacturing procedures that program the optical properties of the lens material to match the patient’s needs. The final result is the iZon(TM) Wavefront-Guided Lens.

Presently available in select markets, the iZon single vision lens will be joined by the fully customized iZon Wavefront-Guided Progressive Lens in early spring, utilizing the same advanced material and programming of the Eyeprint.

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2 Responses to “‘High Definition’ Spectacles”

  1. Stephen Trokel MD Says:

    I would appreciate technical information about your wavefront generated optical corrections and the clinical results you allude to in your web site.


    Stephen Trokel MD
    Eye Institute
    635 west 165 street
    New York, NY 10032

    212 326-3320

  2. Donal Reddington Says:


    I would suggest that you contact the Opthonix company directly for this information. Their website is at .
    The article here simply reports on statements that were made by the company.

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