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IEEE Begins Work on Personalized Health Infomatics Standard

The IEEE has begun work on a standard to create a comprehensive personalized health informatics system.  The working group creating this standard will hold a workshop in London, UK, on 24 and 25 January 2007 to form an action plan for developing the standard.

The meeting, the IEEE 2407 Personalized Health Informatics Workshop, will be hosted by Motorola and the Mobile Information and Network Technologies Research Centre at Kingston University.  The workshop is open to all professionals interested in helping to develop IEEE 2407™, “Architecture and Framework Reference Implementation for Personalized Health Informatics (PHI)”.

The IEEE Standards Association, a globally recognized standards-setting body, develops consensus standards through an open process that brings diverse parts of an industry together.  These standards set specifications and procedures based on current scientific consensus.  The IEEE-SA has a portfolio of more than 870 completed standards and more than 400 standards in development.  It has more than 375,000 members in approximately 150 countries.  Through its members, the organization is a leading authority on areas ranging from aerospace, computers and telecommunications to biomedicine, electric power and consumer electronics.

The IEEE produces nearly 30 percent of the world’s literature in the electrical and electronics engineering, computing and control technology fields.  This nonprofit organization also sponsors or cosponsors more than 300 technical conferences each year.

IEEE 2407 will create an Internet-based system that places the individual at the center of a broad set of services designed to enhance health.  This health-improvement system will encompass nutrition, environmental issues and other health information and help individuals manage all relationships that influence their health.

As now envisioned, PHI-compliant systems will be implemented by trusted third parties, such as banks, government agencies or private providers.  The consumer would pay an annual fee to maintain an account with a PHI (Private Health Insurance) provider.

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