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Orpheus – A Customized Music Composing Service staff writer Mike Sachoff reports on customized music provider Orpheus, which allows media producers to create customized music that will fit the specific needs of their projects. It uses a web-based software engine that allows the user to create custom music cues tailored their specific needs.

According to the article:

“Users can control the length of a composition up to ten minutes, choose instrumentation, add ambiance effects and create theme-oriented cues. Once the user has created a sound that they like they can download a free preview.”

The service is targetted at multimedia producers who are are tasked with providing their clients effective music tracks on limited budgets and tight deadlines. The cost of the service ranges from $49 to $99. Pre-assembled versions are available for $19, and all come with a royalty-free, buy-out licence.

I had a quick look at the site, and while I didn’t try any composing, I thought that one very good feature is that samples of the individual pieces, of music can be played on the site before opening an account.  The quality of these snippets is very high, and making them ‘listenable’ on the site will be a big plus in attracting business.

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