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Sound ID Launches PSS – “Personalizing” Sound

Hearing technology company Sound ID has announced the availability of its first system designed for consumers who will benefit from improved sound quality in noisy environments.

The Sound ID Personal Sound System combines Bluetooth and noise compensation technologies, sound processing algorithms (which address individual differences in hearing preferences), techniques that improve signal-to-noise ratio and advanced audio science.

The SoundID PSS earpiece (Picture:  SoundID)

The PSS is comprised of an ergonomically designed Ear Module and Bluetooth-enabled remote microphone, called the CompanionLink. The compact Ear Module connects with both the CompanionLink and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones – giving users wireless convenience to enjoy improved sound quality in multiple listening venues as well as mobile phone communications. The system is completely rechargeable and is supplied with a desk top charging cradle.

Following a one-time set up process conducted by a Hearing Care Professional, the PSS becomes a personalized sound system for delivering sound clarity in a wide variety of difficult listening situations. The system uses three modes of operation:

1) CompanionLink Mode, which addresses hearing requirements for conversations in noisy environments. The sound of a conversation partner is transmitted directly to the user’s ear via the CompanionLink. This mode is also used to improved sound intensity and quality from television without raising the TV volume, and for meeting and conference room listening as well as lectures;

2) Mobile Phone Mode, which improves the sound clarity of on-the-go conversations when using a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone;

3) Ambient Mode, which enhances listening by amplifying sounds around the user.

“At Sound ID, our mission is to break the sound barrier and provide cutting-edge acoustic technology to those who have difficulty listening in noise,” said Dr. Rodney Perkins, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Sound ID. “With our innovative technology and a sleek, high-tech design that offers superior ergonomics, we enable consumers to enjoy mainstream listening and communication activities with greater ease, efficiency and effectiveness.”

Dveloped by leaders in otology, psychoacoustics, product design and digital sound process engineering, personalized sound addresses users’ specific listening preferences – delivering the optimum listening experience for consumers. Sound ID’s versatile new system enhances the listening and communication clarity in noisy restaurants and in automobiles, during mobile phone conversations, while in public settings, and even listening to television with family and friends.

“Each day, millions of people realize the need for high quality sound in noisy environments,” said Rick Darnaby, President and CEO of Sound ID. “With our versatile Personal Sound System, and the expertise of the Hearing Care Provider, we can deliver the optimum listening experience. Our consumers will benefit from the high quality service provided by these committed professionals.”

“Sound ID’s advances in the field of personalized hearing devices offer improved ease of communication for many of my patients,” said Dr. Paul Pessis, President-Elect of the American Academy of Audiology. “The Sound ID system maximizes the opportunities for successful conversation both in-person and on cellular phones.”

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