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Anyone attending MCPF 2006?

If there is anyone reading this blog who is attending the Finnish Mass Customization and Personalization Forum in Tampere on November 28, and would like to provide a report of how the conference went, I’d be very pleased to publish it here.

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One Response to “Anyone attending MCPF 2006?”

  1. Linnea Peltonen Says:

    The second Mass Customization and Personalization Forum in Finland
    (MCPF2006) gathered 35 researchers and business representatives to
    Tampere, Finland to exchange ideas on mass customization. The
    conference was very interactive and provided lively discussions. It
    was also an excellent opportunity for networking and planning for
    future research and development projects.

    The conference had two top-of-the-class keynotes : Dr. Frank Piller
    (MIT/TUM) and Professor Jarmo Suominen (MIT/UIAH). Dr. Piller’s
    keynote was about how the future of value creation is customer driven
    and how mass customization, customer co-creation and open innovation
    will change the future of customer interaction.

    Professor Suominen lectured about the customer experience and how it
    will develop while customer uses multiple different channels. Managing
    the cross channel experience is still an enormous development
    challenge for many organizations struggling to figure out the value of
    different channels.

    As the MCPF2006 was sponsored my MASSI research and development
    project concentrated on technology industries of Finland, most of the
    presentations and participants were from B2B sector. Two industrial
    presentations in addition to keynotes and research presentations
    lightened the mass customization challenges. Advisor Juhani
    Kangasniemi from Technology Industries of Finland (an industry body)
    talked about changes in competitive environment and development
    challenges. Development Manager Antti Martikainen from Metso Minerals
    explained how changing the production mode into mass customization
    required extensive long term development of the whole organization. He
    also stressed on the importance of holistic view when dealing with
    mass customization. Now we have reached a situation where one-sided
    approaches aren?t enough to be able to succeed in mass customization.

    The program of MCPF2006 can be found at for further information on
    topics handled in the forum.

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