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Mass Customised Housing in Britain

British newspaper the Yorkshire Post recently carried an article on plans to develop pre-manufactured housing using components of buildings that can be combined in different ways.

A non-profit organisation, Accent Group, plan to work with Canadian architect Avi Friedman (director of the affordable housing programme at Canada’s McGill University).  The article quotes Friedman:

“What I have attempted to do with my work on homes is challenge the way we assemble homes. I want to do what the Japanese have done for car manufacture.
“There is one standard chassis and you have various forms of car that go on it. With home construction, you can use off site manufacture, standardise some of the parts, thereby reducing cost and increasing quality. But you don’t lose individuality. I call it mass customisation,” says Avi.
His homes are twice as quick to build (12 weeks) and cost 20 to 30 per cent less to construct than the average British new build.”

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