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Scion Launch ‘Blank Canvas’ tC for Customizers

Larry Edsall at the Detroit News reports on a new Spec Package version of the Scion tC.

The tC is a coupe sold in the U.S. by Scion, a division of Toyota.  Scion’s strategy is heavily geared towards personalization, and buyers can add a range of persoanlization options to their new car at the time of purchase.

The Spec Package doesn’t come with any fancy options – in fact, it’s cheaper than the base model, because some standard features are also excluded.  The whole idea is that certain buyers are likely to carry out heavy customization of their new car anyway, so will have little use for things like the standard alloy wheels (the Spec Package has steels).
The Detroit News article describes how Scion are also introducing the “Optimize” program.  This will make some 150 brand-name aftermarket accessories available through dealership parts departments.

Scion hope that the dedicated customizers will spend many thousands of additional dollars on personalization of their Spec Package tC, easily cancelling out the $1400 discount on the standard model.

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