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Sony President suggests PS3 will be made to order

In an interview with Japanese newspaper NikkeiBP, Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi has suggested that the PS3, the next generation of the massively successful Sony Playstation game console, will be available as a build to order product.

Gaming site GamerNode has more details about the interview.  Mr. Kutaragi is quoted as saying:

“As the PlayStation 3 is a computer, we might even offer it on a built-to-order basis, customized to the needs of each and every user.  The hardware components have been designed in a modularized format with this possibility in mind.”

Making the PS3 available on a build to order basis would be a significant advancement of mass customization into consumer products.  However, the build to order PS3 would form a minority of overall sales.  GamerNode reports that Sony plans to ship one million units per month at launch, totaling six million units by March, 2007.

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One Response to “Sony President suggests PS3 will be made to order”

  1. zhonghuarising Says:

    Yeah, I can’t see build-to-order PlayStation 3 units making up a huge portion of sales. What kind of customization would be available? It just doesn’t seem like there would be too much to work with there.

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