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Customization Links for 17 January

Following on from the previous post on personalized medicine, a less serious application of genetics: DNA art, as reported in the Pittsburg Live website. DNA 11, an Ottawa, Canada-based company, takes people’s DNA, obtained by a simple cotton swab wiped inside a cheek, and turns the genetic information into a glass-framed, 8-by-10-inch visual piece of art or large wall hanging.



Although it markets itself as ‘hand crafted’ I thought this might be worth a mention: allows customers to create their own breakfast cereal mix. The customer first select a cereal base, then adds their favorite all organic ingredients, from a range that includes fruit, nuts, seeds, as well as grains (all organic). Customers can also add a sweet treat to their mix. They can then put a name on their chosen mix before purchase. Delivery time is a few days (restricted to U.S. and Canada, so no possibility for Europeans like myself to try it out!)

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