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Value of photo personalized goods reaches $694M in U.S.

Just how big is the market for photo personalized goods?  A few years ago, it was very unusual to see products that had been personalized with photographs.  Now, it is commonplace with a large selection of online suppliers and also offline stores in shopping districts having the equipment to put photo images on a variety of products.

This is how big it has got in the United States:  $694 Million in 2006.  According to Photo Marketing Association International, an industry group, the market may reach US$951 million in 2007 and UD$1.2 billion in 2008.

The sale of equipment and systems to provide photo personalization services is contributing significantly to the growth in revenue of the big imaging companies like FujiFilm, who have been looking for a way to claw back reductions in income resulting from the decline in sales of traditional photo films.

These figures are taken from an Associated Press article by Ben Dobbin via the Lansing State Journal.

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