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Cincom enters blogging world to engage with customers

Cincom, which provides software solutions for configuration of complex products (often called product configurators), has started two separate blogs to engage with its customer base.

The first of these blogs is called Complex Selling Made Effective, with articles written by contributors from Cincom, principally Louis Columbus and Dale Wolf of Cincom Manufacturing Business Solutions. While some companies use blogs as little more than a press release service, Complex Selling Made Effective is populated with genuinely interesting posts. While this blog is in existence since June 2008, I only became aware of it recently and am catching up on the posts to date.

The second, Product Configurator Blog, is a product blog for Cincom Acquire sales and product configurator, which highlights and discusses the technology options and features to speed up sales in a complex manufacturing setting. This blog is more commercial in nature and the content is somewhat comparable to ‘White Papers’ – documents written by IT companies to that analyse a particular business challenge in a quasi-academic fashion, but are ultimately aimed at selling the company’s products.

Following a number of consolidations over recent years, Cincom is one of a smaller group of independent software suppliers specialising in products for complex selling. The contributors to Complex Selling Made Effective have an opportunity to become ‘technology evangelists’ for their company, emulating the likes of blogger Robert Scoble, who was the public face of Microsoft to many in the technology community during his spell working for that company.

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