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Customization of clothing to move beyond appearance

An article in the website of the Toronto Star notes that a “futuristic fusion of fashion and technology is becoming more common as clothing designers are increasingly incorporating electronics into their garments.”

It quotes Jane McCann, director of Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology at the University of Wales, who predicts that, in the next 10 years, clothes will have all kinds of functionality.

“A garment might have devices on it to help you find your way somewhere, or to tell you how fit you are. It could tell you where someone is to help you meet them, or tell you what’s on at a museum or club.”

Other new developments referred to include the use of thermochromic inks, that change colour when you touch or breathe on them, and a shape-memory alloy called Nitinol, produced by Montreal’s XS Labs, that can alter the shape of clothes while they are being worn.

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