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Ericsson Announces IPTV Solution

Communications company Ericsson has announced an end-to-end IPTV solution. The new system allows for standard and high definition TV broadcasts, video on-demand, network personal video recording and electronic programming guides.

Ericsson says that the new solution provides telecom-grade performance, meets scalability requirements and involves complete life-cycle management. The system also includes guidelines for integration with IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) functions, such as charging and end-user authentication, which is unique on the market.

Claes Ödman, Vice President, Multimedia Solutions, Ericsson, says: “IPTV is much more than traditional TV broadcast over the IP network – it is about integrating media with communications services to deliver personalized, interactive television no matter where the viewer is.”

The end-to-end solution is the first step in Ericsson’s long-term evolution of TV services.

Ericsson’s vision of personalized IPTV services delivered over broadband is based on open standards, including the combination of Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) technologies, for digital entertainment, with the IMS standard for delivering enriched communications services. Ericsson says it is committed to working with appropriate standardization bodies to achieve economies of scale and inter­operability in IPTV reference architecture and interfaces.

The evolving IPTV service will also offer advantages for end users over traditional broadcast-TV services, because it will allow full personalization and interactivity. IPTV also promises integration of content and communication services, as well as converged services across mobile terminals and home devices. Ericsson are also highlighting the benefits of their new solution for IPTV service providers, who they say will benefit from the ability to launch and upgrade service offerings quickly and more easily.

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