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Internet Protocol Detail Record article

Kelly Anderson is the president and COO of the Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) Organization,

In an article for CommsDesign, she writes in favour of a service-neutral spec that supports billing of packet-based services, and can be applied to any IP service and application such as gaming, IPTV, VoIP, and Video on Demand.

According to the article, the is working in conjunction with other IPTV efforts to complete standards for content usage tracking and data management as quickly as possible. Central to the argument in favour of a standard is that companies need to be proactive in using solutions that allow for the interoperability of equipment, software, and network components of IPTV solutions. This is in addition to the benefits for their business in being able to use an existing standard rather than incur the costs of developing their own data model.

A common standard could also serve as a protection for customer privacy, setting boundaries as to how data gathered from monitoring of usage could be used.

Although the article is obviously written in favour of the IPDR standard, it is well worth reading to gain an insight into the issues surrounding the gathering of customer data by IP-based media services.

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  1. dhaval Says:

    i am working on IPDR to apply it for voIP Service.I refer the common APIs. but dont get the idea about how to use it for voIP

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