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Sharing my Blogroll

I am digressing a little from the usual theme of this site to talk about blogs and OPML, and how readers can easily access a full list of related sites.On the main blog page of this site (, there are blogroll entries on the right hand column, listing some of the blogs that I read which are are broadly similar in theme to

There are also a few that are couldn’t be categorized as relating to mass customization, but are likely to be relevant to readers of this site.

I have found that there are other blogs that I would like to include in the blogroll, but it would take up more space than is available if I were to list them all.

So, I have recently registered on Share Your OPML. This site allows anyone to register and upload their blog reading list as an OPML file. I have recently uploaded my reading list, and I will be adding to it on an ongoing basis. I’ll be adding a link from the site to the blogroll on Share Your OPML.
An OPML file is basically an xml list of blog subscriptions. Unfortunately Share Your OPML doesn’t yet have a facility to download other subscribers’ OPML files yet, but you can still browse around and see if there is anything that you might want to add to your own blogroll.

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  1. Thierry Says:

    I agree that the download feature is missing…

    To create OPML files from SYO, check at:
    until SYO provides what is required !

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