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Someday you will get your personal gene map

An article in United Press International looks at recent developments in the area of genome mapping.  The article looks at the issue from both the business aspect (the high cost makes producing a person’s full genome map impractical), and also the legal and social implications of genome mapping.

Legislative developments in the U.S. are aimed at restricting the use of genomic data by businesses.  For example, discriminating against healthy people who may have a genetic disposition to a certain disease would be outlawed.  However, according to the article, the legislation has not yet cleared all the legislative hurdles.

The article also reports that:

“The National Human Genome Research Institute, a branch of the National Institutes of Health, announced $13 million in grants to speed development of human genome research. And a $10 million X Prize was offered to the first organization that can successfully map 100 human genomes in 10 days.”

In 1999, the X Prize was awarded to Mojave Aerospace Ventures, who were the first company to launch a manned vessel into space and then return that same vehicle within two weeks.

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