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Speaking Roses granted additional patent for printing on flowers

Speaking Roses International, Inc., the company that invented flower embossing technology, has announced that it was granted its latest of a series of filed patents covering apparatus and process usage. This patent further strengthens its position as the sole provider of personalized floral products.

An example of Speaking Roses embossed flowers

Speaking Roses is able to print customized messages, pictures and logos directly on the petals without damaging the flower. This technology allows customers to create a personalized gift for family occassions or business promotions. Full-service floral shops are opening in the United States and internationally through the sale of area development rights, franchising opportunities and licensing arrangements.

“The newest of Speaking Roses‘ stable of patent applications to mature to grant (7,089,860) covers the computer generation of electronic images, the sending of those images to a printing device, printing the image on to a cliche, inking the cliche and printing the image on to a flower,” said Michael Kreiger, Patent Counsel for Speaking Roses. “This patent falls between the earlier patents covering engraving of a cliche and the newer patents covering direct ink application from a printer to the flower.”

“This new patent is a step forward in protecting our business from others copying the printing methods we developed for flowers and plants,” stated Ted Lassetter, Speaking Roses CEO. “The first patent issued in April 2005 protects the printing apparatus; we now have the process protected as well.”

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