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Personalized Songs in Russian

2005-03-11 - Tel Aviv, Israel: Illustrating the worldwide growth of personalization of services, Partner Communications (Nasdaq:PTNR), a leading Israeli mobile communications company and operator of the orange(TM) network in Israel, has launched a service that enables its subscribers to send personalized songs to friends and relatives in Russian.

The song dedication service in Russian is an enhancement of a previously deployed service for dedicating songs in Hebrew. The service enables Russian speakers to personalize a song by having the sender and recipient names as a part of the song itself. Using NSC's product, a subscriber dials the service (*6060) and chooses a favorite musical style, Pop, Rock, Jazz or Chanson along with the occasion, such as birthday greetings, thank you etc.

The sender inserts his/her name and the recipient's name using speech recognition. The identified names are then sent to the song composing application, which produces the song using the names recognized.

The service deploys, among other products, speech recognition technology by Israeli company NSC. This technology is used as the input for names of the recipient and the sender. By using NSC speech recognition product, Partner brings its customer a new value added service which could not have been provided using the traditional touch-tone menus due to the large variety of possible names.

NSC specializes in speech recognition technology for telephony systems. NSC's solution is based on hardware - PCI boards that are designed around dedicated processors (DSP). This unique approach by NSC allows very high density at low cost with simple system architecture. NSC's hardware-based solution performs speech recognition without any need for CPU resources, while maintaining minimal footprints, side by side with maximum control for the users in optimizing system resources for their needs.

The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform is based on a system supplied by an Israeli vendor, CTWare, which specializes in CTI solutions and value added service technologies. The Song Composition software was developed by the Israeli vendor TIMBRE which specializes in innovative technologies for advanced content services. The content itself was written, edited and recorded by the Intersol group.

Dr. Ami Moyal, NSC's CEO said: "Partner Communications has launched a speech driven service that demonstrates the need for natural speech input in man-machine interface of advanced value-added services that include more than a few options. This service is another step in our existing cooperation with Partner Communications, and hope to continue our cooperation with Partner." Partner Communications can market the new service to approximately 2.34 million subscribers in Israel. The expansion of the personalized song service into Russian is a reflection of the high level of migration of people to Israel from Russia since the fall of communism. These new Israelis would still have many immediate relatives living in Russia.

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