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Site Map

Mass customization and personalization news Site Map

Mass Customization: The homepage, with easy access to all mass customisation and personalisation pages

Personalization: The News page provides introductions to all recent news articles. Readers can view the full text of any personalization and mass customization news article by clicking on relevant headlines.
2004 News Archive: Access to all 2004 news articles

Mass Customisation Concepts: This page provides introductions to articles on the theories and concepts behind personalised and customised products.

Technology: The development of personalisation and mass customisation would have been impossible without advances in technology, in particular the development of product configuration systems. This page provides introductions to technology articles, many of which relate to new configurator products being released.
2004 Technology Archive: Access to all 2004 technology articles

Features: Feature articles on enterprises that offer personalized and customized products, and also reports on developments in particular industries.
Features: Access to all 2004 Feature articles

Shopping: The shopping page contains information about personalized and customized products from some well known brand names. You can link directly to the websites of customised and personalised product suppliers from this page.

Contact Us: Email and postal contact information for

Links: Links to other relevant sites, including centres of research, consultancies, professional bodies and digital manufacturing.

Mass Customization and Personalization Forum A discussion forum where you can express your own opinions on issues relating to mass customisation and personalisation.

RSS Information: Details of how to get the RSS feed. This allows you to read articles directly from your desktop news aggregator.

Mass Customisation and Personalization newsfeed: For those who understand RSS and how it is used, you can access the feed directly and copy the link to your aggregator.

Personalization Directory: A directory of external sites linking to enterprises who offer mass customized products under many different categories. The directory also lists technology providers whose systems can be used by a business when implementing mass customization.

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