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Personalised and Mass customised

Mass customization and personalization news

Technology for Mass Customization and Personalization

This Technology page provides news on systems that enable enterprises to apply mass customization and product personalization.

The most fundamental technology for mass customisation is a product configuration system, or configurator. This is a software application, usually web-based, that enables customers to specify their exact requirements for a product, and then place a completed order. Many of the technology news items in refer to announcements from software companies about new or improved product configuration systems.

Completed orders are generally passed from the product configurator to Flexible Manufacturing Systems. These are manufacturing systems that can be easily and quickly adjusted to manufacture or assemble each product to a unique specification. The most essential requirement is that the time required for setup (the adjustment of machines between production of items) is as close as possible to zero. The most efficient systems will integrate directly with the product configurator, and adjust themselves based on the measurements or specification of an individual order.

If you have questions or comments about technologies used in mass customization, please visit the Technology page on the Forum.

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