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Want Your Phone to say "Your Excellency, a call"?

2005-03-18 - Seattle, WA, USA: Blue Frog Mobile, Inc. (, a mobile entertainment company, has developed a personalized service, Own Tones(TM). This service provides a facility to record your own voice ringtones, and is currently available to customers of certain U.S. mobile phone networks.

Blue Frog Mobile sells ringtones and images through numerous Internet storefronts, including,,, and Blue Frog Mobile delivers technology that supports multiple wireless handset providers and U.S. wireless operators, including AT&T Wireless, Cingular Wireless, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

Up until now, ringtones were all prepackaged generic songs or sound effects. "Blue Frog Mobile's patent-pending technology gives people an easy way to make their own ringtones," said Ron Erickson, President and CEO of Blue Frog Mobile. "More importantly, you don't need to buy the ringtone until you're happy with what you've created."

Whether it's your pet barking or meowing, your children singing their favorite song, or a special message from a loved one, you can create your own customized ringtone. Of course, some people may have slightly less obvious ideas. The possibilities to amuse, impress (or annoy) other people are endless. You could have a voice saying "Please hold for the President", or "007, come in please"...just about anything.

Here is how the system works. You call 206-678-RING (7464), record a message, and send it to your cell phone. It is fast and easy to do, the only requirement is that your phone must be capable of playing voice tones. Right now, Cingular/ATT Wireless and T-Mobile customers can use the system, and more carriers will be added soon.

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