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Downloading Sleep

2005-04-20 - Macclesfield, England: The Adventures of Dreamieland have launched, a new website offering personalised bedtime story subscriptions for children. Unlike personalised books, these stories are downloadable enabling children to read a different story about him or her-self every night for a month. Subscriptions are for 7, 14 or 30 stories with no time restrictions for downloading.

In each story the child becomes the hero or heroine of the tale and is taken on a Dream Adventure to magical lands where they meet the cute Dreamies and the mischievous Guzzlers. Every story is personalised to feature specific details about the child including names of friends, siblings, favourite toys, colour, and food.

With a happy ending and moral to the tales, the stories are written to help kids deal with emotional issues and get a good night's sleep.

The Adventures of Dreamieland is a fantastical adventure series for 4 - 8 year olds that follow children as they go on their dreams to imaginary lands. The Dreamies care for children whilst they are asleep, taking them on happy fun-packed dream adventures. The Guzzlers are a family of naughty, impish characters who try to stop the Dreamies from caring for sleeping children. These mischievous characters cause all sorts of problems that kids and Dreamies help to resolve!

In the stories children meet these and other fantasy characters, visit magical places and experience new things in a loving, secure but fantastical environment. Personalised details can be changed enabling readers to be accompanied by different friends or Dreamies on different stories.

All of the stories are approximately 1500 words long (about five pages of A4) and illustrated with brightly coloured Dreamieland drawings, ideal for bedtime reading to a younger child or being read by an older child. A free story can be downloaded from, to give a taster as to the format of the stories.

"We developed The Adventures of Dreamieland to promote the emotional and social development of young children, tackling common fears or worries," explained Miranda Rijks, creator of Dreamieland. "When my child was little, I realised that children need positive bed-time stories and toys that can help them through their dreams and enable them to understand what is real and what is imagined. Nights are when children become independent of their parents and often a time when unconscious fears materialise. We have developed the Dreamieland stories and the merchandise to assist in the bedtime routine, promote reading and peaceful, happy sleep."

A full range of Dreamieland merchandise is available to buy from or . This includes soft toys, dressing gowns, pyjamas, t-shirts, blankets and a fun range of stationery. Story subscriptions can be combined with toys and other Dreamieland products to make Birthday and Christmas gifts for children.

The website also includes fun online games for children. A subscribers newsletter packed full of activities, games, special offers and competitions is being launched shortly.

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