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First-of-its-Kind Customized Books For Restaurants Introduced

2005-06-02 - Dallas, TX, USA: T.J. Schier has announced that he has partnered with Denver-based Dataworks to customize his books on quality of service for restaurants. Schier has written two books on guest service for restaurants, "Now That's Service That Sells" and "Now That's Quick Service That Sells."

"We can customize books with the restaurant's logo, menu items and terminology," said Schier, the Flower Mound-based guest service speaker and consultant who is the founder and President of Incentivize Solutions. "Essentially, we are modifying the book to create a training program for the respective client and can update it as the menu evolves."

Schier authored "Now That's Service That Sells: The Art of Managing the Sizzle" (a sequel to the best-selling "Service That Sells" title released in the 1980s) and a quick-service version, "Now That's Quick Service That Sells!" in 2004 to address the need for enhancing restaurant service.

Dataworks' () product line includes the popular Manager's Red Book. Since they produce customized management solutions to drive exceptional management and staff performance, it made sense, Schier believes, to offer restaurateurs the chance to customize his books so the material is instantly applicable for the company's managers. "We are even creating a whole certification process around the books," Schier added.

"While you cannot change the core concepts of the book, you can change the menu items and examples so it is more effective and immediately applicable," Schier said. "For example, when I was an executive at Chuck E. Cheese's, neither of my books would have directly fit -- I needed part of one and part of the other. I can take out the example of how to upsell burgers and replace it with selling pizza or tokens and have a custom training solution for the managers."

"This customization will save restaurant companies time and money since managers can read our customized books and easily implement the program rather than figuring out how to adapt an idea from a book," Schier said.

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