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Mass customization and personalization news Adds Photo Chemical Etching to Online Factory

2005-08-08 - Midland Park, N.J. USA:, the world's first online factory for customized parts, has announced photo chemical etching capability. Parts requiring intricate patterns and shapes on thin metal sheets can now be designed, fabricated and delivered with Internet convenience and low cost.

Thin metal shapes are used for many varied applications, from jewelry and microelectronics, medical and surgical devices, to optical encoders and many other uses. According to Jim Lewis, president, "Any shape and intricate design can be created with our new photo chemical etching capability. Our online factory lets anyone design, price, and instantly order custom mechanical parts. From starting a design to placing an order, the entire process takes as little as 15 minutes. allows customers to test new ideas at low cost, then roll-out production in a few clicks."

Customers from advanced hobbyists to Fortune 500 companies, leading universities and government organizations have made thousands of parts for new products, existing products, inventions, special projects, and replacement parts. Applications include automobiles, enclosures and electronic devices, robots, sculptures and medical devices.

eMachineShop is an innovative web site offering the easiest, most cost-effective way to turn ideas into real 3D parts at both prototype and production quantities. The web site even offers a wide range of easy-to-understand tips and advice so that both engineers and non-engineers are able to successfully design and order custom parts.

eMachineShop, a subsidiary of Micro Logic, currently offers CNC milling, turning, punching, blanking, laser cutting, plastic extrusion, thermoforming, tapping, bending, water jet cutting, wire EDM and injection molding. Surface finishes include brushing, plating, powder coating, anodizing, polishing, and grinding. Materials span a broad selection of metals, plastics, woods, composites and others.

Users download eMachineShop's free CAD software. During the design phase, eMachineShop's automated machining expert analyses the shape, material and finish to keep the user informed of any physical limitations, thereby making it easy for engineers and non-technical people to design parts.

A 3D preview spins the object around on the user's screen to visualize the final part before ordering.

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