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Personalized Gifts

Welcome to's personalised shopping page. has partnered with leading names in personalised gifts and customised products so that you can find exactly what you want.

People generally think that a personalized gift or custom-made product has to be expensive. This is no longer true. Advances in manufacturing technology and e-commerce have enabled the growth of 'mass customisation' and 'personalisation'. These mass customised and personalized gifts are custom made to individual unique requirements, at similar prices to off-the-shelf, mass produced alternatives.

The terms personalized and mass customized are sometimes used interchangeably. There is a difference - whereas mass customized products are custom-made according to measurements or functions, personalized products are usually customised only in appearance. An example of a mass customised product is a computer that is fitted with a particular chip, hard disk etc. according to the customer's requirements. An example of a personalised product is a picture frame which can have the names of family members printed on it.

Personalized gifts are the ideal way to mark a birthday, graduation, anniversary or other family event. Of course, you can also treat yourself at any time! Please visit our shopping partners by clicking on the banners on this page. Shopping will continue to expand into new categories, so please re-visit us in the future to discover many more interesting personalized gift ideas. Personalized Gifts Page

Personalized Shopping Centres

There are a number of companies who offer personalized gifts in a very large number of categories. Typically, these will cover everything from baby gifts to retirement gifts, and every other occasion in between. These companies will often have clothing items like personalized t-shirts, and also things like keepsakes, personal care items, picture frames and so on. Rather than divde up the individual sections of these companies into many different categories, it seems more useful to gather them under a single category, called 'Personalized Shopping Centres'. A 'Shopping Centre' is the name given in Europe to what Americans would call a 'Shopping Mall', but as one of the companies below uses 'Mall' as part of its name, it is better to use the European term to avoid confusion.

PersonalizationMall has over 20 Specialty Stores Featuring Personalised Gifts For Every Occasion. To view some of the individual stores, click on the links below, or to go to the homepage, click on the banner underneath.


Mother's Day

Christmas Gifts



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PersonalCreations offers over 1000 unique personalised gifts for every occasion - weddings, new babies, anniversaries, birthdays and many others. To view individual PersonalCreations stores, click on the links below, or click on the banner underneath to view the latest special offers.

Anniversary Gift Shop

Personalized Baby Gift Shop

Wedding Gift Shop

Romance Store

Office Gifts

Personalized Gifts for Mom

Personalized Gifts for Kids

Graduation Gifts

Personalized Gifts for Dads

Photo Gifts

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Gifts

Personalized Golf Gifts

Christmas Stockings

Friends and Family

Personalized Jewelery


Quality personalized jewelry at discount prices. Click on the text link to view some of the most popular Limoges products, or on the banner to visit the Limoges site.

Limoges Jewelry Best Sellers


Golf Clubs


Design your personalised golf clubs on, where you can choose from custom made woods and irons. Select your preferred combination and size, and Gigagolf will manufacture them for you.

Top Seller 468x60



Offers a unique approach to dolls for children. Send them a picture of your child and they will make a doll that actually looks like them. These dolls are guaranteed to be a one-of -a-kind personalized gift.



With, you can upload your pictures through the company website, and they will then convert the image to a greeting card and post it out for you.



Apple iTunes

Originally, personalized music involved selecting a group of songs which were then cut to a CD for you. Not any more. The growth of music downloading has opened up the market to a huge extent. Now you can pick and choose whatever songs you want. The biggest success story of music downloads is Apple's iTunes website, where music lovers can download tracks for their Apple iPod.

468x60 iTunes

Device Skins

To protect your iPod, PDA, mobile phone or any one of hundreds of personal electronic devices, why not download a personalized skin? You can also upload your own images and convert them into a customized skin for your chosen device. Click here to buy personalized device skins.

Personalized Jackets


Webjacket offers many different types of jackets which can be pesonalized with the buyers chosen text.

Personalized T-shirts


Spreadshirt is a well-established supplier of personalized t-shirts and other customized products. In addition to selling directly, they also offer a revenue-sharing service to webmasters. Website owners can design their own promotional items and place code on their site to sell them. Spreadshirt processes the order and sends the item directly to the customer.

Personalized Cartoons

Personalized by Annette

If you want to give an unusual gift, you could try Friendly Folks Personalized Cartoons from Personalized by Annette. Over 450 Cartoon for Sports, Occupations, Holidays, Special Occasions, Military, Interests and More. Cartoons can be Matted (8X10)/Framed, mounted in: Snowglobes, Magnets, Key Chains or Mouse Pads.

Notebook Computers


Toshiba offer a wide range of notebook computers, with many different options to customize a notebook to your required specifications.

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