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TDCI Launches BuyDesign(TM) 4.0

2005-03-05 - Columbus, OH, USA: TDCI, Inc. (TDCI), has announced immediate availability of version 4.0 of the BuyDesign(TM) Product Customization Management System. BuyDesign 4.0 includes a wide range of technical and functional enhancements. BuyDesign is positioned for deployment in environments where rapid processing of high transaction volumes, dynamic display of complex configured products, and high availability are required. The new release also provides expanded capabilities for visualization of product features and configurations. BuyDesign is in use today by leading manufacturers of highly customizable products as wide ranging as: windows and doors, pumps, industrial heating systems, and auditorium seating.

TDCI is a diversified enterprise software and consulting company serving both mid-market and large organizations. TDCI also provides Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, as well as specialized consulting services for users of leading ERP solutions.

BuyDesign is a suite of software solutions developed to help manufacturers streamline the design, sales, and production of highly customized products. It supports a holistic approach to managing the entire life cycle of mass-customized products in order to offer them at costs and delivery times comparable to mass-produced products. TDCI say that BuyDesign is developed to bridge the gap between existing manufacturing and engineering systems. It provides web-based configuration and sales applications. According to the company, it address the unique requirements of customized product manufacturers where other applications fall short - that is to eliminate the bottlenecks associated with creation of configuration - specific quotes, orders, bids, images, drawings, and documentation needed by customers, sales, and manufacturing. TDCI say that BuyDesign reduces the time and effort required to produce these deliverables by up to 90%.

Specific enhancements delivered in BuyDesign 4.0 include:
* Load balancing and failover to provide:
- Virtually unlimited scalability with the incremental addition of low-cost windows-based servers for processing of configuration services, engineering services (automated model generation), and/or online sales transactions.
- Extremely high reliability with automatic transfer of processing to alternate servers if a server fails.
* A new content caching capability to further speed processing by automatically maintaining and accessing a library of commonly requested configuration-specific models, drawings, and data.
* New attribute-driven lookup of static images to enable the association and display of fixed images related to any feature, feature combination, or product configuration.
* Enhanced workflow capabilities to enhance collaboration capabilities among dealers, distributors, and the manufacturer.
* Performance monitoring and capacity planning tools to help system managers identify load trends and plan for incremental changes in processing power.
* Significant performance improvements throughout the product.

With version 4.0, companies can deploy BuyDesign to support virtually any number of users with a wide range of dynamic and static product visualization and drawing generation capabilities. This can be a highly differentiating capability for companies that sell complex configured products through multi- level sales channels and/or directly to end customers.

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