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3DSystems Launch Three Dimensional Printer and Part Curing System

Image of the 3D Systems Invision LD 3D printer
The new Invision LD 3-D printer from 3D Systems Corporation

2005-04-12 - Valencia, CA, USA: 3D printing and prototyping equipment supplier 3D Systems Corporation has unveiled two new products, the InVision(TM) LD 3-D Printer, a new affordable desktop 3-D Printer, and the ProCure(TM) UV Curing system, a new hands free stainless steel part curing system for parts produced on all SLA(R) systems.

The InVision(TM) LD printer is manufactured by Solidimension Ltd., an Israel-based company, and will be offered by 3D Systems under its own brand name pending successful completion of an OEM private label arrangement with Solidimension Ltd.

The InVision LD printer is a simple and compact desktop 3-D printer with the simplicity and functionality of broadly used 2-D printers. The InVision LD printer builds complex geometrical shapes from 3-D CAD one slice thickness at a time by fusing, masking and trimming layers of proprietary VisiJet(R) LD100 engineered plastic into solid parts. The system is office friendly, delivers dry parts and requires no post processing. The InVision LD printer is designed for communication and concept modelling applications specifically for designers, engineers and marketers. It is also suitable as an educational tool for university, technical college and high school engineering and industrial design departments. Offered at $22,900, it is being marketed as an affordable 3D printing solution for the types of users described above.

3D Systems expects to launch and make commercially available the InVision LD printer during the third quarter of 2005 pending successful completion of the arrangements with Solidimension.

"We are delighted to be working with 3D Systems as one of our marketing arms for our SD 300 desk top 3-D printer," said Yair Aloni, Solidimension's CEO. "We believe that 3D Systems' field presence, expert service capabilities and commitment to transforming the way people design and develop their products are exactly what Solidimension needs from a marketing partner. We expect to conclude our OEM arrangement shortly."

"This is another significant milestone in our plans to broaden our portfolio of affordable 3-D printers," said Abe Reichental, 3D Systems' president and chief executive officer. "We believe that the InVision LD printer will be a perfect fit in terms of its functionality, price point and value proposition within our growing portfolio of 3-D printers, which already includes the InVision SR and InVision HR printers. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to team up with an innovative company such as Solidimension, and we are looking forward to commercializing the InVision LD printer once we conclude of our private label arrangement with Solidimension."

Image of the 3D Systems ProCure system
The 3D Systems Corporation ProCure part curing unit

The ProCure system features a variety of new features that makes it easy and convenient to operate. The ProCure system has a built in stand and storage cabinet with an optional countertop configuration, and it features closed loop time and temperature controls and self monitoring intelligence. The stainless steel construction has an automated push-button front door for convenient loading and unloading of parts in sizes up to 350 mm (13.8 in). The ProCure system is compatible with 3D Systems' entire line of SLA systems.

"The ProCure System is yet another example of a product that was born out of a clear customer need," said Abe Reichental. "By working closely with our customers, understanding their unique operating environments and listening carefully to their needs we were able to quickly develop a practical and economical solution designed specifically to improve our customer's bottom line."

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