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OptiTex and [TC]2 Announce Product Compatibility

2005-10-25: OptiTex USA, Inc and [TC]2 ("TC squared") recently announced the successful completion of data output and integration between the [TC]2 NX-12 3D body scanning system and OptiTex Runway 3D.

[TC]2 ( is a provider of solutions for the soft goods industry specializing in technology development and supply chain improvement. OptiTex has been a long time industry partner and supporter of [TC]2, recognizing the organization's contribution to the industry in both CAD explorations, fitting and body scanning. In recent months OptiTex and [TC]2 have been extensively engaged in product testing and development with the clear goal of perfecting the quality and accuracy of data cloud output from [TC]2's NX-12 3D body scanning system and into the OptiTex Runway environment.

Information obtained from [TC]2's NX-12 can now be directly imported into the OptiTex system through VRML (WRL) files allowing OptiTex Runway users to drape garments that were stitched in OptiTex's pattern design system (PDS) or Modulate (MTM) in the most accurate way using OptiTex Runway 3D.

OptiTex specializes in the development of innovative easy-to-operate CAD/CAM solutions for sewn products and other related industries. This new add-on further enhances OptiTex 3-D Runway technology, already allowing its users to incorporate complex processes such as Fabric collision, intersections and motion capabilities into one file that can later on be displayed, e-mailed and viewed by non OptiTex users. Real life representations are no longer computer static images and objects but real life simulations that dramatically speed up time to market.

"Users who are taking advantage of these true to life body representations can benefit in many ways; improved collaboration across the design-manufacturing-merchandizing departments, noticeable reduction in fit sessions and related costs, drastic increase in accuracy and reduction in costs associated with these processes are to name a few", says Yoram Burg, President of OptiTex USA.

[TC]2 also recently announced the availability of sets of 3D virtual models based on body scans. One set of models correspond to size ranges specified by ASTM standard measurements and another set correspond to size range data extracted from the 2003 SizeUSA national body scan survey of over 10,000 people across the U.S. "The data used for integration testing with OptiTex's 3D Runway application were in fact some of the same 3D scan-based models that are available in [TC]2's virtual model sets created from SizeUSA data," comments David Bruner, [TC]2's Vice President of Technology Development.

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