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ChannelAdvisor Announces Advanced Configurator Technology for Top eBay Sellers

New Configurator Helps eBay Businesses Increase Sales and Strengthen Competitive Advantage

Research Triangle Park, N.C., USA - 2004-08-26: ChannelAdvisor Corporation, the leading provider of channel management solutions, yesterday announced the availability of the configurator functionality for PowerSellers and top eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) sellers. The ChannelAdvisor Configurator enables sellers to embed an applet in eBay listings that allows a buyer to create and dynamically customize, and then purchase the new customized listing. The ChannelAdvisor Configurator will be offered as part of the ChannelAdvisor Merchant software platform which is designed to meet the needs of eBay's top sellers.

"The ChannelAdvisor Configurator will help me dramatically increase my sales. I'm looking forward to having this up and running by the holiday season," says Chase Elliot, Manager of 47 St. Photo. "This is another example of why ChannelAdvisor is the thought leader in the channel management space and continues to offer the best product on the marketplace."

The ChannelAdvisor Configurator provides sellers with many benefits such as allowing sellers to effectively and economically offer their entire catalog on eBay, enabling buyers to create and find the exact item they want and transactions close on eBay through a cost-effective eBay store listing. Based on the needs of eBay's top sellers, ChannelAdvisor will be offering three types of configurators:

- Classic Configurator - Allows the user to dynamically select a set of features to build the exact product they desire. For example, the classic configurator allows a buyer to customize a computer by choosing options such as the motherboard, memory, number of fans, monitor type, etc. While the buyer builds the customized product, the price updates automatically and once done configuring, the customer can buy immediately from a newly created listing in the seller's eBay store.

- Builder - Allows a potential buyer to build a product by selecting dependent attributes in series (via a wizard format) that results in a completely configured product being generated. For example, a jewelry seller would use this to allow buyers to build a ring by walking through a step-by-step process of selecting the stone, choosing the metal, and selecting the setting. Once completed, the buyer is able to buy the custom-built item via an eBay Store listing.

- Product Finder - One of the challenges facing many eBay Sellers with a large catalog of SKUs is the economics of listing a huge number of similar SKUs. The Product Finder type of configurator allows sellers to provide a "finder" in their listings that gives buyers the ability to narrow or filter the selection and browse multiple SKUs from within an eBay listing. For example, a seller of auto parts has millions of parts for different makes, models and years of cars. Where it is not economical to create an eBay listing for every product variation, the configurator enables buyers to find and purchase every product.

To see a demo of each type of configurator, visit .

During the configurator pilot program, sellers have tracked a significant improvement in their eBay performance metrics including average selling price (ASP), conversion rates (CR) and gross merchandise sales (GMS).

"ChannelAdvisor continues to develop and enhance the functionality that is essential for top sellers on eBay to stay competitive and take advantage of the upcoming holiday season as well as the longer-term opportunities," says Scot Wingo, CEO and President of ChannelAdvisor. "Adding the configurator capability to ChannelAdvisor Merchant allows our clients to dramatically increase their sales by enabling buyers to customize or configure the exact product they are looking for and also gives our customers a clear competitive advantage."

Not all eBay categories are currently approved for use with the configurator. Some categories which are tentatively approved are: computers, electronics, cameras and photo, sporting goods, and automobile/boat parts. For sellers in other categories, ChannelAdvisor will work with eBay on a case-by-case basis in order to get program approval.

In addition to the information on the website, another option for those wishing to learn more is to sign up for a Webinar at . ChannelAdvisor will be hosting Configurator webinars in September and October at the following times:

- Wednesday, September 1st - 2:00pm U.S. Eastern Time

- Wednesday, September 15th - 2:00pm U.S. Eastern Time

- Thursday, September 23rd - 2:00pm U.S. Eastern Time

- Tuesday, October 5th - 2:00pm U.S. Eastern Time

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