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A Laptop With the Brand of You

image of personalized branded laptop
A laptop which has been given a personalized branding by Laptop Designs USA.

2005-09-20 - Detroit, USA: A company called Laptop Design USA has introduced a novel way of protecting the security of personal or corporate laptops - brand them so distinctively that no-one will want to steal them. Apart from the security aspect, you can now use your laptop computer as a way to distinguish yourself, your company or organization. Laptop Design USA has been launched to commercially brand laptops with companies and organizations' colours, logos and trademarks.

"The first reaction we receive is 'why hasn't someone thought of this before?'," said Peder Blohm, the company's founder and a veteran marketer and international branding specialist.

It is estimated that more than 15 million laptops were sold in the U.S. in 2004, and sales are projected to steadily increase over the next few years. At the same time, laptop theft also increased to nearly half a million units.

"The interest in branding laptops depends on who we talk to within each organization," said Blohm. "Marketing people understand the value of branding, while accountants and administrators see its value in reducing loss and theft."

The average replacement cost of a laptop computer is estimated to be US$5,000 which includes hardware, software, and peripherals plus the cost of time for the laptop owner while the computer is being replaced. An even greater cost is the potential exposure and liability that results from lost confidential information.

Laptop Design has developed a process to apply a durable, automotive-quality finish to the exterior top surface, without touching the computer's internal parts or affecting the manufacturer's warranty. The company's paint specialists can match virtually any color to produce matte, high gloss and metallic finishes. Using a customer's proprietary colors, logos and trademarks, Laptop Design provides custom designed layouts for the greatest visual appeal.

"If you're working in the field or making a sales presentation, a branded laptop is just going to reinforce your company's identity," added Blohm. "And, you won't be carrying a mouse-gray laptop that can be easily stolen and resold for cash." Laptop Design USA say that they have the capacity to handle from large quantities to small batches of laptops, including new computers and those already in use. In fact, they can also customize an individual laptop for a private customer. "The pricing of a single unit depends on how many base colors, complexity of design and how many colors it is in the design. The prices normally ranges from $95.00 to $195.00 unless it is something very special made with airbrush and very time consuming to produce," says Peder Blohm. The picture below shows an example of the most complex type of design, which would take a lot of time to prepare and finish.

image of personalized branded laptop
A more complex personalized branding example.

In recent times, laptops have become more powerful and more ergonomic, making them a realistic alternative to a desktop PC for consumers. By customising your laptop, you can make a personal statement about yourself.

Also, an individual's laptop is just as much at risk of theft as a corporate machine. Having the exterior of your laptop customised with a personal design would certainly reduce its attractiveness to a potential thief. So there is a very practical benefit to be gained, as well as the opportunity to make a fashion statement!

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